Horned Warrior Friends webcomic Horned Warrior Friends webcomic

Starring Unicorn, Rhino, Narwhal and Triceratops!
(and sometimes their friends too)

6-panel episode
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6-panel episode "Carcinisation" of webcomic Horned Warrior Friends.

Panel 1 of 6: Triceratops and Communicorn are outside. Triceratops says "Did you hear about carcinisation", Communicorn shouts "Boo! Abolish prisons!"

Panel 2 of 6: Triceratops says "It's not about prisons". Communicorn says "Is it about... cars"

Panel 3 of 6: Triceratops says "It's about crabs". Communicorn exclaims "Crabs!! Have they finally come for their REVENGE"

Panel 4 of 6: Triceratops explains "Everything evolves into crabs". Communicorn has suddenly grown a large orange claw from their shoulder. Communicorn says "OMG look, it's happening"

Panel 5 of 6: Triceratops says deadpan "That's not how this works, that's not how any of this works". Communicorn says "I knew they would find me eventually"

Panel 6 of 6: Triceratops has suddenly transformed into a large orange crab with triceratops horns. Crabceratops says "WTF". Rhino arrives, 4 long red spidercrab claws have grown from their shoulders, saying "Hey peeps". Communicorn says brightly "Oh hey Steve"